10 A/B Tests You Should Run to Onboard More Users

10 A/B Tests You Should Run to Onboard More Users

This is one you’ll definitely want to bookmark.

It is a must for all app or online service marketers out there, struggling to improve your user onboarding and convert more users.

SparkPage CEO and user onboarding whiz kid Peter Tanham recently did a presentation where he talked about “10 A/B Tests You Should Run To Onboard More Users”.

He outlined 10 highly informative case studies that demonstrate great user onboarding while also showing how you can easily implement them into your business’s user onboarding strategy.

To discover the right messages you should be sending to welcome and engage new users, give it a watch. And hopefully, you’ll learn some awesome strategies that will have a big impact on your bottom line.


We are also including the slides from the presentation so that you can quickly find the tips you need!

[slideshare id=55800138&doc=sparkpageinmobi-151203221857-lva1-app6891]


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