41 Tools  Every App Growth Manager Needs

41 Tools Every App Growth Manager Needs

There has never been a better time to be an app growth manager than right now. We are so lucky to have thousands of tools at our fingertips that are ripe for the picking.

They are all built specifically for you, to help you optimize, to help you automate, to help you grow bigger, grow faster and dominate the app world.

With so many great (and not so great) tools around, there is one question you may be asking – “How do I find the right ones for me and my business?”

Well, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. Here, at SparkPage, we have trawled through 100’s of posts, visited too many websites to count and have meticulously picked 41 tools. We can vouch for each one and think they are all a great choice for your app. So let’s dive in and start talking about these awesome tools.


41Tools for growth marketers1. Kochava

Kochava lets you collect powerful data that will enable you to optimize your mobile marketing. You can monitor your campaigns from one dashboard and make the most of your business’s data.

  • Shows your ROI for up to 300 mobile ad networks
  • One centralized dashboard
  • Specializes in game apps

Ttools for growth marketers2. Tune

Tune calls itself a “unified mobile marketing console”. This means that they allow you to measure each of your mobile marketing channels so that you can find the ones that are actually fueling your growth. Whether it be organic, paid or owned, you can monitor them all in one place.


  • Measures lifetime value of marketing channels
  • Reliable data
  • Monitors numerous marketing data insights in one place

https://www.apptweak.com/3. HoneyTracks

HoneyTracks is an interesting and unique analytics tool as it has set its focus specifically on gaming apps. Because it is built with gaming apps in mind, it has the more niche metrics that you want and need to measure, making it much more applicable to your business.


  • Offers over 90 metrics
  • Cross platform tracking

41 tools for growth managers4. Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics is pretty much a necessity for every business now – desktop or app. You can track your conversion funnels, monitor your churn and discover how to improve your business with their great insights.


  • Build funnels to track user activity and conversions
  • Track in-app events
  • Segment audiences for smarter interactions

https://www.apptweak.com/5. Upsight

Upsight is mobile marketing and analytics made with app developers in mind. They offer a number of features that they say “can identify and monitor unique business KPIs, explore app and user data, and create personalized user experiences that impact app performance.”


  • Metrics that are personalized to your business
  • Create dashboards with custom views of your KPIs
  • Marketing functions such as in-app messaging, user segmentation and A/B testing

41 tooldfor growth managers6. Localytics

With Localytics you can learn valuable insights about your app as well as also build a lifecycle marketing machine. They not only have real-time analytics but also remarketing, personalized messaging and A/B testing.


  • Track user acquisition campaigns with major ad networks
  • Remarket to users with personalized advertisements
  • Create funnels in real-time or retroactively to follow any sequence of events

User Experience

https://www.apptweak.com/7. UserTesting

Customer feedback is integral when it comes to growth. However, it’s laborious. UserTesting makes it easy though as you can watch real people use your app, get great feedback and see what is working and what isn’t.


  • Create multiple A/B tests
  • Customer feedback reports
  • Mobile App testing

41 tools for growth managers8. Heatmaps.io

Heatmaps.io is a heat map tracker that is built specifically for mobile devices. You can visualize every move your user makes on your app and find out how your users like to use your product on mobile.


  • Measure user’s activity that is specific to mobile i.e. device orientation preferences, user finger gestures
  • Interactive graphs of user navigation flows

41 tools for growth managers9. Crazy Egg

Crazy Egg allows you to utilize heat maps to see what is working in your app. It enables you to get insight into how to design an app that will get the most clicks and draw in the right users.


  • A number of tools that show how customers are using your app
  • Track multiple domains
  • Actionable analytics

https://www.apptweak.com/10. Clicktale

Clicktale allows you to see in-page analytics. You can watch videos of how users interact with different aspects of your website to see where they are succeeding or stumbling so that you can improve their experience.


  • Data-rich heatmaps
  • Conversion funnels
  • In page web analytics


41 tools for growth managers11. SparkPage

SparkPage is an onboarding tool that lets you build automated campaigns using push, SMS and emails that convert. There are actionable analytics and A/B testing as well as a unique workflow dashboard that enables you to plan your user onboarding flow with ease.


  • Workflows to plan and create effective onboarding emails
  • A/B test message sequences to optimize conversions
  • Integrates with existing platforms, no SDK needed

41 tools for growth managers12. Appboy

Appboy is a tool that helps you send onboarding messages to your new users. You can also personalize and A/B tests to get the highest conversion rates.


  • Simple customer welcome campaigns
  • Segmentation and personalization features
  • User controlled notification center

41 tools for growth managers13. Tour My App

Want to help your users have a more seamless and simple onboarding experience? Then Tour My App can get you there. With it you can create in-app tutorials that guide your users as they manoeuvre through your app.


  • Improve user engagement by displaying in-app guided tours
  • Allows you to customize every aspect of your tours
  • No code required

41 tools for growth managers14. Hipmob

Hipmob is in-app live chat. You can talk your users through the onboarding process, placate any qualms they have and answer their questions fast and effectively.


  • Dozens of integrations
  • Automatic messaging

41 tools for growth managers15. Apptentive

Apptentive provides you with the ability to use in-app prompts and ratings to fuel reviews of your app. It helps with improving your onboarding process and tailor your app more to your user’s needs.


  • Simple setup of in-app prompts, surveys to drive reviews
  • Targeting based off timing and activity
  • Analytics to track interactions


41 tools for growth managers

16. AppsFlyer

AppsFlyer provides analytics for mobile advertising success. It gives you real-time data and tracks ROI so that you can focus on your most effective marketing channels.


  • Runs pay-per-install campaigns
  • Integrated with over 1000 partners
  • Supports all retargeting ad platforms

41 tools for growth managers17. Apptamin

Make high quality and eye-catching videos for your app with Apptamin.  They can help you build an ad, trailer or in-app video that will draw in more users.


  • High-quality, professional videos
  • Number of options to make them more personalized
  • Great content to help you make the best videos

41 tools for growth managers


Reduce churn and get more users in your app with Tapstream. Their Onboarding Links allow you to use mobile landing pages for both ad networks and organic marketing It also helps your app respond differently depending on the source channel of the user.


  • Analytics to measure your apps performance
  • Drop-in app referral program

41 tools for growth managers19. AppTweak

App stores rankings are so important to a successful app and AppTweak can help you optimize this. They provide instant and personalized recommendations that help you increase your rankings and get more downloads.


  • App store optimization reports
  • Competitors Monitoring
  • Active blog with lots of resources for app marketers

41 tools for growth managers20. Wistia

Wistia is amazing software that lets you make videos that showcase what your app can do. It has lots of features that all aim to help you turn leads into lifelong customers.


  • Video Heatmaps & Viewing Trends
  • Easy embedding and sharing
  • Videos work on every device

41 tools for growth managers21. Qualaroo

Qualaroo is survey software that allows you to simply collect vital information about what your users actually thought of their experience. You can get direct feedback that can show you the improvements your product and site needs.


  • Customizable surveys
  • Targeted exit surveys and question libraries

41 tools for growth managers22. Appbot

“Take the pain out of managing app store reviews” is Appbot’s tagline and with their software you really can do that. They turn your reviews into actionable analytics that enable you to make your app better.


  • Visualises your app feedback
  • Flexible app review reporting
  • Integrates with other tools

41 tools for growth managers23. Asking Point

Asking Point is a bit of a jack of all trades when it comes to apps. They are a ratings booster mixed with analytics as they use analytics to find your App’s fans. On top of that they also offer surveys, in-app messaging and customer support.


  • Prompt user reviews based on analytics
  • Real-time feedback from customers
  • Unique remote control that lets you alter the way Apps behave in real-time

A/B Testing

41 tools for growth managers24. Artisan

If you are looking to improve your user’s mobile experience Artisan can help you with their A/B testing. Amongst their many features, you can test a number of things including UI and push notification campaigns to make your app optimized.


  • Segment and personalize your app
  • A/B test even the most complex parts of your app
  • Advanced user tracking

41 tools for growth managers25. Leanplum

Leanplum helps you map your user’s journey and create an engaging experience with A/B testing throughout. You can automate targeted notifications and test them to optimize your user engagement and increase retention.


  • Event-based triggers
  • Personalized messaging
  • Open source message templates 

41 tools for growth managers26. Swrve

Swrve gives you the opportunity to test pretty much anything and everything you want for your mobile app. Whether it’s just a button colour or something much more advanced, they can help you get the best results.


  • Probability and trend mapping
  • Responsive UX
  • Advanced A/B testing

41 tools for growth managers27. Optimizely

Not only do Optimizely offer A/B testing for desktop, but also mobile. It’s easy to use and provides trust-worthy A/B, multivariate, and multi-page testing that will improve your conversions.


  • Customizable goal tracking
  • Reliable results with the Optimizely stats engine.
  • Immediate changes without waiting for App Store review

41 tools for growth managers28. SiteSpect

SiteSpect is a platform for A/B and multivariate testing. You can alter pretty much everything from the look and feel to the features and functionality. With it you can focus on mobile optimization, personalization, and targeting.


  • Optimize features, search algorithm changes, checkout flow process, pricing, and much more
  • Run all the tests you want, hundreds if not thousands, even where tag-based tools can’t test

41 tools for growth managers29. Apptimize

Fast to get to grips with and effortless to use, Apptimize lets you make fast changes to your app and push it out to users instantly. While also having the ability to test those changes so they work at their best.


  • 5-minute install with No code required
  • Automatically track click events, retention, and engagement without tagging anything
  • Test more than just UI

41 tools for growth managers30. Taplytics

Along with push notifications and analytics, Taplytics provides great A/B testing. They describe it as a visual A/B testing platform that enables you to make changes to your app in an effort to optimize it.


  • Easy set up with limited code to install
  • Allows you to use custom segmentation

41 tools for growth managers31. VWO

Visual Website Optimizer is a tool that offers a ton of features to optimize your website. You can effortlessly A/B test multiple features, see users’ interactions with your site and collect insightful data.


  • A/B testing
  • Visual Campaign Editor
  • Heatmaps & data dashboards


41 tools for growth managers32. Asana

Asana is teamwork without email. You efficiently plan, coordinate and communicate with your team members to work more effectively.


  • Use tasks to set projects
  • Share projects among team members
  • Comments and messages between workers

41 tools for growth managers33. Segment

Segment describes itself as a customer data hub. You can integrate with hundreds of tools and easily send your data to these tools to make it easy and efficient for you to use them.  


  • Automate your data going to 100’s of apps
  • Tools include user testing, marketing, analytics

41 tools for growth managers34. Slack

Slack is a great tool to organize your marketing efforts. You can have multiple channels between teams about various topics through direct message.


  • Direct message, private groups, and multichannel messaging
  • Drag and drop file sharing
  • Connect tools and get updates on how your marketing efforts are performing

41 tools for growth managers35. Zapier

Cut out mindless and time-consuming back and forths between your apps with Zapier. It connects your apps together so transferring of information is automated.


  • Hundreds of apps available
  • Can automate numerous of tasks

41 tools for growth managers36. Buffer

Pre-schedule your social media with Buffer. It’s fast and easy to use as you can simply top up your social media posts in advance and watch the your feeds update automatically.


  • Multiple social networks available
  • Analytics to discover most popular posts


41 tools for onboarding37. User Onboarding

More of a resource than a tool, but still incredibly helpful, User Onboarding is great for businesses looking to build an effective onboarding flow. They have step-by-step guides on how different businesses onboard their users and what they are getting right and wrong so you can learn what makes a good onboarding experience.


  • Over 25 businesses reviewed
  • Easy and actionable advice

41 tools for growth managers38. GoodUI

GoodUI is a resource that is packed full of awesome information about how you can achieve a good user interface. They have tons of suggestions about how to make your app infinitely better and much more appealing to your users.


  • Over 70 pieces of advice
  • Bi-monthly updates

41 tools for growth managers39. UX Archive

Want to see what the other apps are doing? UX Archive has screenshots of the top apps out there so you can research who’s doing it right, what some are doing wrong, and get inspiration for your app.


  • Over 100 apps available
  • Can view how different apps do onboard, log in, purchasing and much more

41 tools for growth managers40. App.itize.us

App.itize.us describes itself as “a painstakingly curated presentation of the most well-designed apps” and that is pretty much what  you get. It has lots of great screen shots of apps that will serve as design inspiration for you.


  • Numerous apps to view
  • Regularly updated

41 tools for growth managers41. Really Good Emails

Really Good Emails is a resource that does exactly what it says – shows you really good emails. They have numerous examples of real emails so that you can see what makes them readable, clickable and convert.


  • Weekly updates
  • Hundreds of emails to view
  • Dozens of categories