5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPage

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPage

At SparkPage we are all about making your life, as a marketer, that much easier.

We want to eliminate mindless tasks and make sure you are using your time to focus on the important things that impact your bottom line.

That’s why we love Segment. It’s a great way to connect 100’s of tools and make your job easier. And because of this we are excited to announce SparkPage’s integration with Segment.

This was one of our most highly requested integrations. It opens the door for you to do lots of really cool things with SparkPage that make your service or app’s user onboarding that little bit more awesome.

To ensure that you are making the most of this integration, we decided to chat to you about some of the cool things that you can do for your business with Segment and SparkPage.

We have 5 cool actions to talk about. Each one will enrich your onboarding and hopefully, help you learn a bit more about your users.

1. Send a personalized SMS to every new sign up

Let’s get the ball rolling with a unique and fun way that you can welcome your new users.

A targeted SMS can be sent when a user starts their onboarding journey to welcome and inform a new user. It is a clever way to add a personalized touch and connect you to a new customer.

You can add little touches such as letting the user reply to your message or encourage them to call the sales team. It’s perfect for any SAAS company wanting to connect with a new user starting a trial.

To do this, you can connect your Twilio account to SparkPage. This will enable all of your user’s data to start flowing into SparkPage and you can then start sending your messages.

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageYou can then set up a workflow with an SMS that is triggered to send when your new user signs up!

2. Send behavior driven emails

Most businesses plan their drip campaigns the same way.

An email on day one. Another on day three. And another on day seven. Drip, drip, drip.

This is fine. It works for a lot of businesses, but… it’s a little boring. Let’s make it a little more interesting, eh?

Using behavior based messages is a much more valuable and powerful way to engage with your users. By creating a chain of triggered emails that are sent based on what your user does or doesn’t do in your app is a much more effective method of user engagement.

Behavior-based emails do not have to be complex and are actually very attainable for an app or online service.

To understand how simple this is let’s take the example of a music streaming company. When a new user signs up the first step we want the user to take in the onboarding flow is listen to a song. So let’s send them a welcome email encouraging them to listen to a song.

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageThen, depending on whether they listened or not to a song, we can send them emails based on this behavior.

It’s an incredibly simple, but incredibly effective way to get your users making the most of their trial and becoming active in your app.

3. Branch logic for better onboarding

Planning an onboarding flow for your product can be tricky business. But most companies have a cobbled together understanding of their onboarding flow.

Sometimes all the triggered emails live in a Google spreadsheet, sometimes it’s a roughly drawn diagram on your office’s whiteboard, showing how they connect, or, at best, a vision chart like this:

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageThis is all valuable stuff and is sure to give you a competitive edge in onboarding your users. But, it’s messy. It’s difficult to plan each step, decide what messages to send and when to send them. It’s also hard to measure if your onboarding strategy is getting you actionable results.

This is where SparkPage comes in. Think of it as an onboarding flow hack. One that allows you to plan, execute and optimize all of your onboarding needs all from one handy tool.

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageUsing the Journey Builder, you can plan and automate your business’s onboarding flow. You can send behavior-based emails that hit users with the right messages that are triggered to hit them at the right time.

They can be as straightforward as sending a couple of welcome emails when a user signs up or you can make complex, hard-hitting flows that mix email, SMS, and push that are sure to increase your conversion rates. And it’s all easily measured so that you can discover what is working for you. Simple.


4. Measure the long-term effects of A/B testing (record the workflow back to your analytics platform)

It’s fun (and smart) to A/B test individual messages that your are sending your users. To see how changes, both big and small, effect open and click-through rates and impact your bottom line. But wouldn’t it be much better to test your entire onboarding journey?

With SparkPage, you can A/B test on a big scale. You can test each of your workflows and see what effect they have on the ultimate goal.

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageYou can test things like subject lines, message content, images, even the delays, and timing of messages… whatever you want. And by testing all of the elements and actions within your workflow you can discover what will make your workflows more powerful and engaging.

In SparkPage, you can do this from the analytics page in your workflow. Just duplicate the workflow and make whatever changes you would like to test.

This is a much more powerful way to test when compared with testing individual message. You are testing an entire workflow. It’s a much more holistic view and you can effectively measure the impact on your conversion rate.

5. Trigger & Personalize emails from Events

Personalizing emails with user data, like first name and last name, is so 2014. We are now capable of using data to do much more impressive, cool and targeted things.

With Segment, you are already tracking user actions so let’s use this data to create hyper-personalized messages for your users.

There are an infinite number of ways that you can make your onboarding messages more personalized, but we have a few pretty innovative ideas that will hopefully get you thinking outside of the box.

5 Cool Things Marketers Can Do With Segment & SparkPageHere is one example of using personalization to increase your referral campaigns success rate. If a user is invited by a friend, create a message that shows their friend’s name and a custom sign-up link.

Or if you are an app, keep your user engaged by messaging them once they’ve just completed a level in the game, include their latest score and achievements. If their latest report is completed and is ready in their dashboard don’t just alert them, give them a preview of all the stats in the email.

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. Depending on your business you can incorporate a number of personalization features that fit your user. You just have to be clever, experiment and discover what engages your users.Pretty neat, huh?

Pretty neat, huh?

How do I set up Segment and SparkPage?

Using SparkPage and Segment together is remarkably easy to do.

If you are already a SparkPage customer, you can go to your SparkPage settings and you will be able to get your Segment data from there.

Or if you’d like to try SparkPage you can start a free trial today! Or request a demo to see how SparkPage can help you onboard more users.