10 A/B Tests You Should Run to Onboard More Users

This is one you’ll definitely want to bookmark. It is a must for all app or online service marketers out there, struggling to improve your user onboarding and convert more users. SparkPage CEO and user onboarding whiz kid Peter Tanham recently did a presentation where he talked about “10 A/B Tests You Should Run To… Continue reading

Out Of Beta And Into SparkPage; Push Notifications On Any Workflow Or Triggers

We’ve heard you and we’ve listened. Starting today, SparkPage customers can now add a Push Notification to any workflow or trigger. This was our most asked-for feature request and we’ve simplified the process so you can create push notifications while building SparkPage workflows. Just drag and drop the “Send Push” icon onto your workflow and… Continue reading

Old School is the New School – 3 ideas to grow your startup

As marketers, we focus on numbers – growth, churn, sales. What really gets us going though is when we see some pretty inventive ways to grow startups that include some old-school techniques – ideas that some may think have passed their prime. Bottom line – they’re just cool. The simple fact is that as marketers… Continue reading

13 Ways to Stop Losing Customers Before They Convert

“How do I get people that download my app to be active and long-time users?” “How do I get users to stay?” “Are there things I could be doing better to keep users active on my app?” We get asked these types of questions all of the time. The challenge is that most of us… Continue reading

41 Tools Every App Growth Manager Needs

There has never been a better time to be an app growth manager than right now. We are so lucky to have thousands of tools at our fingertips that are ripe for the picking. They are all built specifically for you, to help you optimize, to help you automate, to help you grow bigger, grow… Continue reading

The Beginner’s Guide to User Onboarding

Every new app goes through a certain marketing lifecycle. At first you spend your days worrying about the top of the funnel. How do we attract more downloads? Who is the ideal customer for this app? Where do they spend time online? How do we get in front of them and convince them to download?… Continue reading

How To Make Your App A 5 Star Review Collecting Machine

Reviews are a vital component of good app store optimization. They are essential for improving your position in chart rankings, they help you come up higher in search results and with the overabundance of apps in the app store, they let a shopper know you are worth the download. They can make or break your… Continue reading

How To Grow A Thriving Business With 99% Churn

A lot of analysts, investors and commentators will look at a business or industry with massive churn rates and run for their lives. And they’re right too. It’s incredibly difficult to build a sustainable business when you keep losing customers! But there are some industries where massive churn is inevitable. Sometimes, perversely, massive churn is… Continue reading

The App Marketer’s Guide to Social Logins

You’ve probably noticed dozens of apps having options like ”Login with Facebook” or “Signup with Twitter” And you’ve probably asked the same questions we’ve asked – How effective is this strategy? What are the options? How do I set it up? Is it that much more effective than email logins? What are the downsides? Well… Continue reading