41 Tools Every App Growth Manager Needs

There has never been a better time to be an app growth manager than right now. We are so lucky to have thousands of tools at our fingertips that are ripe for the picking. They are all built specifically for you, to help you optimize, to help you automate, to help you grow bigger, grow… Continue reading

What Makes a SlideShare Presentation Go Viral?

SlideShare is one of the most popular presentation tools on the Internet. In March 2013, their users had uploaded more than 9 million unique presentations. The website itself brings in around 30 million unique visitors every month. In fact, SlideShare is so popular, the social network LinkedIn purchased it in May for $119 million. SlideShare… Continue reading

The Importance of Owning Your Social Assets

In 2005, MySpace was the largest social network on the planet. Imagine you spent hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars to build a following there for your business. Fast forward to 2009. People are leaving or have left MySpace in droves. What do you do? Your investment is wasted and lost. This is why… Continue reading