How to Increase Conversions With a Mobile Landing Page

How to Increase Conversions With a Mobile Landing Page

Since launching SparkPage we’ve had lots of marketers building landing pages and running mobile marketing campaigns.

I this post I’ve included 5 great examples of Mobile Landing Pages driving conversions.

I hope some might serve as marketing inspiration for you! (If so, sign up free at!).

iphone4-photo1. Social Sharing

Did you know that over 60% of Twitter usage is now mobile?

If you’re doing any promotion or link sharing and want to bring users to a landing page, they’ll most likely be viewing it on a smartphone.

The guys at MarsApps found this when they shared the promo page for their latest app, which was built with SparkPage. (That’s the screenshot on the right).

A mobile-ready page meant more shares, re-tweets and downloads for their app.

2. SMS Marketing

Do you ever send SMS to your customers?

The team Forest were sending a survey to their clients and asking them to respond by SMS.

They used Google’s free form builder to create a survey, then they added it to their SparkPage.

They started including the link in their SMS and now they’re getting a much higher response rate.

3. Mobile Squeeze Pages

We’ve had a lot of online marketers use SparkPage to build great lead capture pages.


The early results look promising, showing us that SparkPage is great for capturing leads and email signups from mobile users.

4. Emails on Mobile

This one surprised us even more than Twitter…

Did you know that over half of all marketing emails are read on SmartPhones?

So what happens when a user clicks a link in your next email?

If you’re bringing them to a special landing page, then a SparkPage could be just what you need.

5. App Splash Pages

iphone-photoLots of App Developers are using SparkPage for their splash pages. This is the marketing page that makes the pitch, then links to the app store. For an example see

They all had great desktop splash pages, but none were mobile optimized.

This was a big conversion killer as almost all of their downloads happened on iPhones.

So they’ve used SparkPage to easily build mobile splash pages and get more app downloads. (On the right is a screenshot of one of them)

6. And Many More

Making a QR code? What page will users see when they scan it? Make sure it’s mobile optimized!

Donations: One charity has used our easy PayPal buttons to get more donations by SMS.

Running a Groupon special offer? SMS the offer to existing customers. Give them the same deal without giving 20%-40% to groupon!

If you want to experiment with your own promotion, you can try SparkPage for free today.