Out Of Beta And Into SparkPage; Push Notifications On Any Workflow Or Triggers

Out Of Beta And Into SparkPage; Push Notifications On Any Workflow Or Triggers

We’ve heard you and we’ve listened.

Starting today, SparkPage customers can now add a Push Notification to any workflow or trigger.

This was our most asked-for feature request and we’ve simplified the process so you can create push notifications while building SparkPage workflows. Just drag and drop the “Send Push” icon onto your workflow and go from there.

how to create push 1Creating a personalized Push message is easy too. You’ve got up to 256 characters to say what’s going to get users onboarded faster.

In fact, our beta users found three really great ways to incorporate push notifications into their onboarding initiatives:

  1. User registration. Many companies, even after a user downloads their app, struggle with getting the same users to create an account or sign in. Push notifications help because it can be sent to anonymous app users to encourage them to move forward.
  2. App store ratings. Interrupting your users with a popup for an app store rating is so 2014. With push notifications, you can wait until they have a great experience, like completing a first booking. Then, you can send them a push five minutes later asking them to rate the app. It’s just a nicer user experience when it’s not interrupted.
  3. A/B testing email vs. Push. We are super excited to see this in even more customer’s hands. Is email better for the user’s journey or is Push? Using SparkPage is the best and easiest way to find out.

push file 3Simple and quick. That’s SparkPage helping to make your onboarding process easier. To learn more about the flexibility of SparkPage and how it can be tailored to your needs, give us a shout at support@sparkpage.com or start a 30-day free test drive.

We <3 onboarding.