44 Top Mobile Marketing Blogs to Follow

44 Top Mobile Marketing Blogs to Follow

20130103-killer-marketing-resourcesMobile marketing is an incredibly exciting space right now.

In 2012 we reached a tipping point and mobile became too big to ignore.

To help keep your finger on the mobile pulse in 2013, we’ve compiled this list of 44 top mobile marketing blogs and newsletters.

These are all sites that we follow and subscribe to.

We’ve broken the list down by topic so you can concentrate on the most appropriate links for you. Check them out, subscribe and stay ahead of the pack in 2013.

And while you’re here, you might want to subscribe to the SparkPage blog too 😉

Mobile Marketing Industry

App Marketing

Mobile Advertising

QR Codes & NFC

SMS Marketing

Mobile Sections in Tech

Here are the mobile sections of several larger sites. For most of these you can subscribe to the category by email or RSS, receiving only the mobile updates.


Are we missing any? If you have suggestions just leave a comment below and we’ll add the best ones to the list.


  • Thanks for including me. It’s an honor!

  • hey Peter.. What about ASOprofessional.com … ? 😉 App store optimization heaven.

  • Fantastic list! I’m already following about 5 of the blogs ( and the Mobile pages of Mashable, Gigaom, TechCrunch etc.) Now I have a few more to bookmark and read.

  • Hi Peter,

    do you think you could also include my new high quality content blog about app marketing into your article? You can find it on http://www.appfreak.net/ here, also would like to hear your opinion about my articles 🙂


  • Thanks for sharing this list, Peter. These are all great resources. I especially love Mobile Marketer, and am not surprised to it first on the list. I’ll be sure to check the other blogs out.

  • Lionel Tepper

    Nice list, but I would like to add our site, ScreenMedia Daily:


    We cover Location-based Mobile Marketing, which should be on the list in a category by itself.

  • Lisa Bishop

    Thank you for your insights and research. Our company specializes in SMS Marketing and would love your thoughts and consideration for future articles. Our blog is http://www.textsprout.com/blog

    Much appreciated and keep up the good work.

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  • What about mobiThinking? With 668,420 unique visitors last year, we must be getting something right. To see what you are missing, see this post on top content in 2013: http://mobithinking.com/blog/most-popular-content-mobithinking-2013
    Thanks for considering mobiThinking.
    Andy Favell, Editor

  • Hey Peter! Kinda late to the party but thanks for including the Apptamin blog.

  • Stephanie Castor

    All of these are really great resources. Hopefully you check out the AvidMobile blog as well! http://www.avidmobile.com/blog/integrate-a-mobile-strategy.php

  • Olagbaiye Akin

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  • Hey Peter, this is a very solid list of 44. If you would add Trumpia.com to your SMS Marketing List, then you would have 45 =D

  • Awesome list Peter! There is another app marketing blog with tones of useful app marketing tips blog.presspadapp.com – It is dedicated mainly for digital magazine apps but other app publishers can utilize all that knowledge. Hope you find it valuable enough to add it to above list.


  • Hey Peter,

    Great list!

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    We’ve crafted a knowledge repository for developers, entrepreneurs and startups to help them learn everything that they can about App Development & Marketing. We’ve also interviewed a handful of industry experts to share their insights and experiences.

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    Would love to see us in the App Marketing Section. Let me know what you think.

    Cheers 🙂

  • Beenish Rafi

    Hey Peter,

    Love to your list. Must tell that SMS marketing is really helpful in business nowadays. Thank you so much for your sharing. You have writing skills why don;t you try our blog ? You are most welcome there.

  • Hey Peyter, Awesome list. Woul’d love to see PressPad’s Digital Publishing Apps Marketing blog on it http://blog.presspadapp.com/ Thanks!

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  • Stav Zilbershtein

    I would recommend the ageless 85 pages guide from sellmyapp – https://www.sellmyapp.com/how-to-create-an-app/

  • Jessica Raheel

    I love the idea of micro blogging. I will give it a try.

  • Dieter Ziegler

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    By the way, amazing list!


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